I have irresistible

I have irresistible The first about what we will ask you, consists in learning to think and to speak language of your inner self, i.


in language of the positive Yastatements.

Any thoughts constantly rise in you, just as water beats from a source.

They arise as Yathought.

I want sandwich.

I have irresistible desire to be scratched.

I adore this picture.

I feel fatigue.

I am going to wash the car.

All this real, clear, certain and concrete addresses you to to itself.

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Only then

Only then Now it became easier to play that music which Martin was capable to realize.

It was necessary to take records, but not to improvise to provide stability which gave to Martin feeling of safety, and to lose the same works rather often.

Only then music turned into the reliable base, and it helped Martin to move together with me and to perceive corporal incentives.

Without allowing Martin to plunge into a hypnotic state when he listened to records, I forced it to react more positively during reproduction, however for the present not to music.

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When education

When education Needs of the child in the years of his growth are studied, and a rezulta you these researches are published.

Now society in general has to accept consciously responsibility for education, whereas education in turn generously thanks about shchestvo that benefit which it will receive from progress.

When education is understood so, it becomes important not only for children and their parents, but also for the state and a mezhdun native relations.

It to become incentive for everyone parts of the social organization, incentive for the greatest of social improvements.

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In its voice

In its voice I brought the magic casket and showed some focuses, and it very much was pleasant to all.

Children asked me to show how I do focuses.

All of them want to talk to me.

All told that I show the focuses so skillfully and beautifully, as the real magician.

It was so healthy!



mother told.

In its voice surprise was mixed with pleasure.

I really very much am proud of you she told, embracing the daughter.

I too answered Annie, and her face blurred in a joyful smile.

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The brain

The brain I remember Annie answered.

Then, I will tell you about it in more detail.

After all I made all this itself when I had the same problem told Sam.

You remember, what I spoke to you about a bladder and how it accumulates urine?

Annie in the affirmative nodded.

When your bubble is full and it needs to be exempted from urine, it sends a signal to a brain.

The brain accepts this signal and lets you know that it is time to descend in a toilet.

But sometimes at night, the signal which the bubble sends to a brain, happens insufficiently loud or the brain sleeps too tight that to hear it.

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